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【Briefing of Career Development Section】

In order to provide students with full career counseling and care service during the period from admission to graduation, the school merged the "Student Counseling Center" of the Office of Student Affairs with the "Internship Employment and Alumni Service Section" of the Office of Research and Development, and renamed as "Student Development Center" which is a subordinate organization of the Office of Student Affairs in 1996.


In view of the growing number of graduate year by year, in order to link the valuable experience, knowledge, and wisdom, and integrate resources inside and outside the school, the "Office of Alumni Service and Career Development" was then established in fall semester of 2019. In this office, the "Career Development Section" is mainly in charge of students’ career and employment counseling business which is separated from Student Development Center of Student Affairs Office, and is also assisting the post-school services for students. The business scoop of "Career Development Section" is listed as follows:

1. Organize various career counseling activities;

2. Provide career consulting services;

3. Provide E-Portfolio services for recording students' career and learning history;

4. Handle campus recruitment fair and company recruitment orientation;

5. Award grants to students to participate in off-campus competitions and obtain professional licenses;

6. Integrate the off-campus internship business;

7. Provide student a matching information platform for employment;

8. investigating graduates’ employment surveys and feedback.


For detailed information, please contact

Tel: 04-23323000 Ext. 5061~5065

E-mail: career@cyut.edu.tw


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