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【Briefing of Alumni Service Section】

Considering the growing number of alumni, the Alumni Service Section was then established in fall semester of 2019. The Alumni Service Section mainly deals with alumni contacting, alumni caring, campus information transmitting, and alumni resource integrating. To assist the operation and development of school-level alumni association, department-level alumni association, and regional alumni association is one of business scope of the Alumni Service Section as well.


The alumni are kind of intangible assets to the school, by integrating alumni’s precious experience, knowledge, and wisdom, and incorporating in and off-campus resources, the industry-academia collaboration of school can be promoted, and the internship and job opportunities can be provided for junior and senior students. In addition, another important job of the Alumni Service Section is playing a role to build up the school-level, department-level, and regional alumni associations, and a bridge to connect and communicate all these associations closely. The goal is promoting all the connections between alumni, students, faculties, and staffs and keeping all these relationships tightly and forever.


For detailed information, please contact Miss Lin

Tel: 04-23323000 Ext. 5503

E-mail: as@cyut.edu.tw


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